Hmmm#3: Opinion and Reaction

This week’s Hmmm is a five-part collection. There has been a lot of discussion on the interwebs revolving around opinion, who’s is the right opinion, is it opinion or fact, and how that is handled. I’ll spare you the details of the ugliness in the gaming community this week but in essence the sludge spoke up loudly and violently and did nothing but paint themselves as immature at best and sociopathic at worst (well that last one is actually pretty accurate for some).  Below are some questions inspired by this week’s happenings. Let them tickle the scrambled eggs in your head and possibly help you solidify your own beliefs.  Here we go.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion but are they also entitled to an audience for that opinion?

Is it our obligation to listen?

Why do we choose to acknowledge and engage with opinions that are clearly uninformed, lack evidence, or are solely based on emotion?

Do we fuel inadequate arguments by treating them seriously?

Do we damage inarguable statements by calling them opinions?