Hmmm#8: Your 18th/19th Century Dream Job

It’s October so that means Halloween. A time spent planning ways to transform into someone or something other than our selves. This week’s questions ask you to do just that but with some restraints pertaining to realism and time frame. As always I encourage you not to stop with your surface answers. Pretend you just pulled one of those tennise ball sized jawbreakers (gobstoppers) out of your trick-or-treat bag. Get licking and uncover those layers!


If you could time travel back to some point between 1700 c.e. and 1899 c.e and managed to get stuck living there, what would be your dream job?

What are the inherent risks and benefits?

Why that specific job over all others?


Okay, a few ground rules before you begin.

  • All historic rules pertaining to gender, race, class, and sexuality should be ignored. So kick high all you burly, bearded can-can dancers out there.
  • All jobs considered need to actually have been a thing. Unfortunately that means no Steampunk fantasies or journeys to the center of the earth.
  • All health and safety concerns pertaining to your chosen profession DO still apply. Always wanted to be a fur trapper? Make sure you consider the rabies. Pirate? Pack some oranges.

Alright, if you will excuse me, I’ve got to get back to the HMS Beagle. We’re pulling anchor soon and I can’t keep Mr. Darwin waiting.

2 thoughts on “Hmmm#8: Your 18th/19th Century Dream Job

  1. Been thinking about this over the weekend. I think I’m going to choose some sort of land/title holder – a baron or a duke, something like that. I like the idea of being wealthy enough to own land, support farms/towns/villages but not being held to the responsibilities of someone like a king.

    • Well played sir. I bet you’d throw the best harvest party in the the shire. Plus, if someone in a horse drawn cart asked you for directions you could tell them to “pass the duchy ‘pon the left hand side” with a straight face.

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