Hmmm#12: Celebration Tactics

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but for good reason. I’ve been getting the manuscript for my first novel ready to begin shipping out to agents and publishers. Tonight I finally finished and it’s time to celebrate. So this week’s question is…


How do you celebrate a big event?

Have you come up with any traditions of your own or do you use long-standing family traditions?

2 thoughts on “Hmmm#12: Celebration Tactics

  1. An excellent tradition. I definitely go with the scotch as well. It’s hard to party too much after that last round of writing/revision/editing. All I can manage is a sip, a smile, and that awkward laugh people get when they’ve just escaped some life-threatening situation.

  2. My tradition for finishing a manuscript is pretty simple: a good glass of scotch and a cigar. That’s been my tradition for the last three books and I plan on continuing it going forward.

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