Hmmm#14: Seasons

This week’s questions are easy and quick.


What is your favorite season? Least favorite?

Why? Does it have to do with people, places, or things? A combo?

Hmmm#13: Excuses

Bah! Sorry everyone. I’ve been side tracked lately. Between polishing my novel for the agent search, overhauling a guitar, and traveling to Germany where I ran across this place…


which is real,  I kid you not, I’ve let this blog slide. Whoops.

Excuses, excuses, I know, but is that bad? My questions for this week are,


How do you react to the excuses of others?

How often do you provide excuses for yourself?

Do you react to excuses in a way that matches how you want others to react to yours?

Hmmm#12: Celebration Tactics

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but for good reason. I’ve been getting the manuscript for my first novel ready to begin shipping out to agents and publishers. Tonight I finally finished and it’s time to celebrate. So this week’s question is…


How do you celebrate a big event?

Have you come up with any traditions of your own or do you use long-standing family traditions?