The Troll

I want to start publishing more short fiction on this blog. Not only as a way to foster a habit of production within myself but as a way of sharing more of my ideas with you, my readers.

In that spirit, I’ve placed a new short story in the Writing Samples section of this site. It’s about the dark side of the web. The side that can turn you into someone you never wanted to become. Someone you enjoy being. Someone you crave. Some thing. Enjoy.

The Troll


Current Cocktail: Penicillin


At a time when both the weather and current events make you want to medicate, booze can be a common first line of defence. Grandpappy’s medicine had a way of warding off disease and demons. Maybe even a certain orange-tinged goblin.

The thing is, Grandpappy didn’t have this specific cure-for-what-ails-ya, though one taste will make you swear you were sipping on a favorite of Hughes or Hemingway. Penicillin (the cocktail not the antibiotic) shares a birth year not with a washing machine or a jukebox but with the XBox 360. Continue reading