So we’re all stuck at home, alternating between hyper-focus on the latest information about the pandemic and escape into entertainment. For me, the latter has been as essential as the former.

RADIO was meant to be released May 1st but the book is ready and the wait seems needless at this point. I’d rather give you readers the opportunity to add RADIO to your quiver of distractions sooner rather than later.

Pre-orders for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo ereaders begin today and will last for one week until RADIO officially launches on Saturday, April 4th. It will sell for the special launch price of $3.99. RADIO will be available for other ereaders starting April 4th and the paperback will follow in the coming months.

I’m excited for the opportunity to expose RADIO to the world, despite the fact that we humans need to do the exact opposite.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy RADIO.

J. Rushing

Starting today, I’m offering the first chapter of my forthcoming novel, RADIO for free.

Click below and dip your toes into the bright lights and dark under-belly of Paris in the 1920’s.
In the world of RADIO, jazz and opium fill the air. Gods control minds and all of civilization from the shadows but they want back into the limelight. Their hubris risks destroying everything, including their own way of life. The god Marduk won’t let that happen.


It’s here.

It’s so good and it’s here.

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the official cover for RADIO.
designed by my amazing wife, who also happens to be a professional graphic designer (sometimes you just luck out), this design represents key elements from the story. I won’t say what they are so that the fun isn’t spoiled you’ve read it.

Also, while you’re here, feel free to explore my totally redesigned website. I’ll be adding to it constantly as Radio’s May 1’s launch date get closer. Stay tuned for more content posted to my blog and more.
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Just do what I’m doing. Sit back, sigh a time or two, and enjoy.

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