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August 5th 2020 – The Fantasy InnSPFBO6 Review: RADIO by J.Rushing

June 14th 2020 – Queen Flea’s Blog – Interview: J. Rushing

June 5th 2020 – Queen Flea’s Blog – Review: RADIO: A Novel

June 2nd 2020 – Fantasy Book CriticSpotlight: Intriguing Titles in SPFBO Part I

June 1st 2020 – Mark Lawrence’ BlogRADIO receives a vote into the Judge’s Cover Champions group for the SPFBO6 Cover Contest

April 20th 2020 – K.M. Alexander’s BlogProse Palaver with J. Rushing

March 25th 2020 – Comic YearsA Roundup Of New Genre Books For Your Self-Isolation Reading Lists