In RADIO, consciousness is not something that humans possess. Instead it comes to us as a signal from somewhere out in the æther. Humans then “tune in” to their own consciousness much like a radio tunes in to a station. Not every human interacts with these signals in the same manner.


The vast majority of human beings are Mono-Receivers or Monos as those in the Mentium call them. They can only tune in to their own consciousness. They go about their daily lives oblivious to the thoughts of others or the control forced on them by the “gods.”


Much more rare are Multi-Receivers or Multis. These are the Great Mindinis and Madames Esmereldas of the world. Your run of the mill fortune tellers, mediums, and mystics are the flimflam artists you expect them to be, however, some within their ranks possess the ability to tune into not only their own consciousness but those of others as well. These are the Multis.


The gods refer to themselves as Broadcasters. Not only can they read minds, they can broadcast images, commands, and more into the minds of those nearby. This power is what helped them build their religions, empires, and ultimately the Mentium itself. While their mental reach was once limited to an area no larger than a kilometer, it now spans the continent thanks to the power of M’s radio.


Spectres are the most powerful of all humans. Little is known about them because Spectres do not exist. They don’t exist because the Mentium does not allow them to exist. The gods cannot stand to be prey.