The Gods of the Mentium

The Mentium

The Mentium rules the world. This clandestine order has pulled the strings of society for millennia but its members are far from true gods. Instead, these semi-immortal humans can both read minds and project thoughts, images, and commands into them. These are the ‘gods’ true powers and in the age of radio, they call their kind Broadcasters.

The Upper Echelon and Underlings

As Broadcasters realized just how lucrative their powers could be, they formed their given religions, multiple religions each, to fill their pockets. As their empires expanded, conflict with each other was inevitable. The god Tian, the oldest of the Upper Echelon pushed for unity. Combined forces meant combined profits and the worlds religions became monopolised, starting with the empires of the ten founding members of the Upper Echelon.
Underlings are the workforce of the Mentium. As human exploration expanded, new gods and the religions they’ve built, were brought into the fold. These new recruits then reaped the benefits of, and served, the Mentium. All gods must exist within the Mentium or they will not exist. The choice is clear. The Mentium does not tolerate competition.

Each of the gods within the Mentium have taken many forms over the millennia but they choose to live as their favorite divine incarnation. Browse the slideshow for profiles on all ten members of the Mentium’s ruling class, the Upper Echelon, as well as two important Underlings.