Use This for That: Hero Machine 3 – Character Planning and Design

(Note: I don’t get paid to endorse this stuff. I just like it and think that you will too.)


Hero Machine 3 is useful. Really. It’s not a productivity destroying distract-o-tron that makes for a great excuse to not write. Well… I mean, sure yeah, okay but it’s also a great character planning tool. Honest.

There are two ways I find Hero Machine 3 to be helpful when I write. My main use is for character modeling and design. Specifically for characters that already exist in my stories.

It’s hard for me to keep track of how I’ve described the looks and attire of all the characters in my novels or short stories or whatever. Did the priest wear slacks or khakis? Was there a blood stain on the microbiologist’s lab coat or her shirt?

I fix this problem by building my characters in Hero Machine then printing them to make visual quick reference cards. These keep my words flowing rather than having to stop and remember or search for details I’ve written about chapters ago. It’s very easy to save .jpeg, .png, or .pdf versions digitally but I have specific reasons why I prefer printing the cards and I’ll get to that at the end this post.

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