Sometimes you have to let your creation get the shit kicked out of it just to see what it’s made of.

You have to put on your tiny knit hat, heather gray sweatshirt, and scowly face and yell, “you’re a bum Rock, you’re a bum!” at your own work, even if the title has nothing to do with rocks.

You have to put your work into the ring with other people just to see how it performs. If it does well then you can scream “Adrian I did it!” but most people will probably just look at you funny. If it gets knocked to the mat, it’s back to the gym  keyboard to keep training to be a champion.


Hmmm#10: Criticism and Reaction

Criticism, in all its forms is something everyone must endure. For those who create anything, dealing with criticism is part of the job description. Sometimes criticism acts as the perfect tool to fine tune one’s creation. Other times it acts as a poison eating at the mind of the creator.

My questions are…

How well do you take criticism?

What do you do with the information after you’ve received said criticism?

Do you bend to every suggestion? Do you stand indignant to those questioning your artistic vision? Something in the middle?

Is your way of dealing with criticism actually beneficial to you or your project?


And before anyone asks, I’m not writing this with tears falling into my keyboard after a rough critique session. I’ve actually been working with some great local authors whose criticism has been so constructive and positive that I’ve been able to replace the weak wooden supports of my stories with iron girders. Thanks to those who’ve been so helpful in ripping my work apart so I can build it back stronger.