Today’s a big day for RADIO, my fantasy noir novel. My amazing graphic designer/wife completed the temporary cover that will be used for my ARC’s (advance reader’s copies). ARC-coverFor those unfamiliar with RADIO, here’s the elevator pitch. 

In 1928’s Paris, betrayal forces the god Marduk into the new, opium-riddled body of a jazz musician. Desperate, he must rely on the few friends he has left — and one terrifying enemy — to stop those like him from weaponizing the religious imagery they’ve milked for centuries by abusing a technology he created.

RADIO navigates the jazz, lights, and energy of the Lost Generation’s Paris to tell a dark, vivid tale of treachery and revenge, struggle and survival, love and loss. If you’re interested in RADIO and want to stay informed as we near its spring 2020 launch and beyond, you can follow me on Twitter, and Instagram both under @jushingwrites, or follow me here at

If you’re an author or reviewer and are interested in receiving an ARC, please contact me at


Now that I’m in the throws of edits from the amazing Amanda J. Spedding at Phoenix Editing, it’s time to make the announcement.

RADIO, my urban fantasy noir novel, will be self published and will be out in the spring of 2020.

RADIO is set in 1920’s Paris, where a god is trapped in the opium riddled body of a jazz musician and must stop others like him from weaponizing the religious imagery they’ve milked for millennia.

I’ve toyed with the idea of self publishing my work for a few years now but was always unsure if it was the right decision to make. After my time at Dublin Worldcon 2019 soaking in as much information as I could, I was certain that self publishing was exactly what I needed to do.

So, what’s next. Well, I’ll continue to grind away at my editors notes, continue work with my cover designer, and spend the next several months polishing my word-baby to a shine (don’t worry, the cover will absolutely be matte).

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peaks, and more. See you all this spring!

Forgive me writers for I have sinned.

I, after a lot of soul-searching, decided to shelve a work in progress, at least for the time being.

One of the most common rules in the deep and muddy mire that is writing advice is to finish what you start. While I am on board with this statement in theory, I’ve found myself unable, or more accurately, unwilling to follow it.

I was 40,000+ words into a novel that I’m very proud of. The concepts, characters and world I’ve built mean a lot to me. Within what I had written, I felt I had developed something that has to potential to be great. The problem was that I’d spent way too long trying to write the story in a way that lives up to what I know it could be. The foundation was solid and the tangled web of intrigue was well tangled but every time I tried to untangle those knots, my own reactions to those resolutions were lackluster. What would my readers think if I couldn’t even wow myself?

My motivation to write fell to near nothing. To top it all off, I had another story idea that kept begging to be written like a little annoying brain baby fussing for attention. The story planning  for this brain baby was such that I could start at any time but I was holding off until I finished my struggling novel. I was supposed to finish what I started. It’s the writer’s way.

Yet, another golden rule of writing is that you have to write… and I wasn’t.  I couldn’t motivate myself to lay down line after line of bullshit when I knew I would have to scrape it all back off when I finally found inspiration. I was frozen.

“Finish what thou start-eth”  was blocking “writer, thou shalt write” and I was left with a decision. Stick with the current project and continue to break both rules or sacrifice one to save the other. I chose sacrifice.

Here’s hoping it was the right decision. It feels right…so far.