I Write Stuff

Believe it or not, I actually write things other than inane blog posts. I’ve realized that I haven’t been very good about discussing my writing work and how it’s going. Not exactly good practice for a writing blog. Then I was struck again (more forcefully) by the fact that I haven’t even included details about any of my projects on my Works in Progress page. For all you know I might be some creeper who just likes to put on glasses, self-doubt, and a rough wool cardigan in order to play writer for a while.

I assure you, I do write. I really do. Honest. Here, I’ll prove it. Let me clue you in to what I’ve been up to.


The Coals – Novel

Life is learning. For fifteen year old Syd, her first supply run into the Now, the corpse of a world that died when she was two, is no different. Guided by her Uncle Will, Syd learns the hard reality of how the world and it’s survivors fell into decay. She learns how most were driven to their breaking point and that some (now the most dangerous) had finally snapped. As Syd and Will find themselves stalked by these “snappers”, the survival of themselves and their family hangs on every decision they make. Some decisions are better than others.

Hey at least I didn’t start off with “In a world…”

The Stable – Novel

The Stable is in its early stages of development. By that I mean I have a ton of planning completed but only a few chapters written. It’s a sci-fi novel set hundreds of year into our future and based around an isolated colony in the walled city of Domus. A virus that leads to shifting mutations has been terrorizing the Base class of Domus for over a century but there is rumor that one man’s mutations have become stable. The catch? He’s in hiding beyond the territories of Domus. The ruling Prime class wants the Stable found to produce a cure for their poor, hard-working Base class. Reva, an Immune and the Tracer Corps’ newest and most promising Tracer is sent to find him. Of course, nothing is as it seems.

 Project X – ???

Not to sound all cloak and dagger here but I just don’t know what this project is going to be. I currently have half of this sci-fi thriller written in short story form. The problem is, by the time I got to that point, the story seemed to want to grown into a novella or even a novel. Not sure what the end result will be but with so many plates currently spinning in my little writing sideshow routine, this one will be on the back burner for a while.

Short Stories

If you are a writer and you haven’t dipped your toes into the world of short stories I highly recommend you do so, right now. I wrote a post about short story writing you can check out here.

I currently have two short story projects in the works. Project A is an actual collection and is a super top-secret, hush-hush, tell you then kill you type thing so yeah, sorry about the lack of description. I’ll divulge more info when I feel I can.

Project B is not really a project per se but is more of a repository for any short story I write that doesn’t fit into Project A. Essentially this is where I empty out my brain.


So that’s what keeps me up at night. Hope it’s sparked some interest. Now it’s back to revision and editing. So much revision and editing. Revision, editing and coffee.