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So, It’s been awhile. In that span, after some significant globe-trotting (info in future post), I’ve found myself in a new  town, in a new country, and with a whole new palette on which to draw inspiration. Thanks to my wife’s new transfer, I’ve transitioned from the tattered party dress of Paris to Zürich. A town as crisp as the suits within and the mountain air that surrounds it.  There’s a charm here. One that fits my personality a bit better.

The landscape is also a better fit. Hikes, mountains, lakes, and forest. This is my kind place. Plus, the Swiss eat rösti, which is essentially a better version of hash browns you eat with beer and sausage, among other things.  Hard to pass that up.

I’m still well into the set up phase and will be for a while (move-in isn’t until May 1st). Part of the set up includes getting on a blogging schedule. Stay tuned for more posts soon.

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