Use this for That: Old Phone Fireplace

I love fireplaces. Open wood fireplaces are the best but I love them all. Unfortunately, I’ve never in my adult life had the opportunity to live in a place with one. I decided to rectify that situation.

I’d been kicking around the idea of a tabletop faux-fireplace for a while and when my wife dug up her old phone, I sprang into action. A trip to the art section at the local hardware store was all it took to get me set for my craftstravaganza.

The housing is a repurposed wooden box purchased from the hardware store. I measured the screen of the phone and cut out a a hole in the center of a tray that had come with the box. I stained it all with black/brown stain from Ikea in order to match the furniture in my office. Next came the acrylic mosaic tiles to finish off the fireplace look. I used flexible superglue to keep them all in place. Mostly because I’m inpatient.

Inside the box is a sponge to press against the back of the phone and keep it in place. On what was the bottom of the box, now the rear, I cut out a hole for the usb power cable and a larger hole for extra sound. A big benefit of a mostly empty box is amplified crackles and pops from the speakers.

My reading nook is now so much nookier and I couldn’t be happier.