Current Cocktail: The Mutineer’s Bounty

With life feeling a little claustrophobic right now, I thought it might be nice to add a cocktail recipe to everyone’s list.

Aside from writing and music, playing around behind the bar is a major hobby of mine. A few months back, I stumbled across this strange concoction and to be honest, it’s one of the best I’ve ever created. I call it the Mutineer’s Bounty.

The storm rages outside. The captain is tied to the main mast and you’ve led the crew to a successful take over of the chip. Everyone is below decks eating heartily in celebration but not you. No, you’re in the captain’s quarters, you’ve raided his liquor chest, and your feet are up on the table. The experience is warm and rich. So much better than you’re used to, swinging in a hammock in the damp underbelly of the ship. Here, your senses are a blaze. You know theres leather and wood notes but are you smelling them or tasting them. The sweetness mellows everything out but your drink is still lively and bright. You’re not sure what you’re tasting but you’re damn sure you’re enjoying time collecting your bounty.

The ingredients in The Mutineer’s Bounty absolutely do not sound as it they belong together. A rag tag crew thrown together for a daunting mission. This drink starts off with of all things, a mezcal base. I really like Mezcal Unión Uno and highly recommend it. Along side the smoky yet fresh taste of the mezcal , amaretto mellows out the bite, like the godfather cocktail but south of the boarder. Then Kahlúa steps in to bring its own sweet bitterness to the mix. Finally, white creme de cacao (not white chocolate liqueur) smooths and blends the disparate flavors together. This is a drink that tastes like none of its parts but wouldn’t be nearly as good without this mishmash of ingredients. Here’s the recipe and I hope you enjoy.

The Mutineer’s Bounty

  • 2oz Mezcal (Mezcal Unión Uno)
  • 0.5oz Amaretto
  • 0.75oz Kahúla
  • 0.75oz White Creme de Cacao (not white chocolate liqueur)

Add ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice and stir until thoroughly chilled. Pour into coupe or cocktail glass and garnish with a brandied or maraschino cherry. Enjoy.