Here’s a double post highlighting the most recent Indie Pub Podcast episodes.

Here are the details!

Ep2: Adventures in NaNoWriMo with Lindsey Grant and the Negroni

Episode 2: This week in the pub, author and NaNoWriMo staff alum Lindsey Grant and I dive into the ways National Novel Writing Month has evolved and how the program has impacted independent and self publishers. We also talk favorite gins, alternative recipes, and thinking outside the box when it comes to tonic water. 

Our Drink for this episode is The Negroni, a bitter classic of the cocktail world. It’s smooth, strong, and versatile. Perfect for any occasion that needs a bright red smile-bringer. 

The Negroni

1oz Gin

1oz Sweet (red) Vermouth

1oz Campari

Build in a rocks glass with ice. Stir until well chilled. After stirring, light a match and squeeze the oil of a thumb sized patch of orange peel though the flame and over the surface. Drop in the peel and Enjoy. 

Lindsey Grant is the author of of the memoir Sleeps with Dogs, the upcoming writer’s workbook Ready, Set, Memoir (out in May), and co-author of Ready, Set, Novel. 

Be sure to check out Lindsey Grant and her work.


You can get her books here.

Ep3: Arium – Indie Publishing a TTRPG with Will Munn, Drew Gerken, and Rooibos Chai

Episode 3: We have a little something different for you in the pub this week. We’re talking with Will Munn and Drew Gerken, two of the creators of Arium, an indie published tabletop role playing game or TTRPG focused on broad and diverse story creation. We also have our first non-alcoholic  episode and we’re sipping a few different rooibos chais along with our discussion. Like any good pub, we strive to cater to lots of tastes, boozy or not. 

In this episode, we discuss what Arium is, how it differs from other TTRPGs like D&D, as well as some of the parallels and key differences indie game publishing has to indie book publishing. There’s been a lot of well deserved buzz surrounding Arium and after interviewing these two, it’s easy to see why. Definitely give this a listen whether you’re into gaming or not. The process is fascinating.

Our Drink for this episode is rooibos chai. We each came with our own version but as with most chai and most rooibos teas, they were all fantastic. 

Will had Harney & Sons: Rooibos Chai

Drew had August Uncommon Tea: Biarritz – Velvety Rooibos with Amaretto and Orange Blossom

I had Teekanne: New York Chai

For more info and Arium and its creators, check out the links below. 

Arium Website:

Arium Twitter: @AdeptIcarus

Arium Facebook: @AdeptIcarus

Drew Gerken Website:

Drew Gerken Twitter @wordrew

Drew Gerken Instagram: @wordrew

Will Munn Twitter:  @WLMunn

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Shhhh! Hey, whoa, wait just a second. Put the tin foil hat back on. THEY might be able to read our thoughts.

No, Stop. Too much eye contact with your screen. I need you to read this but not actually look like you’re reading this. THEY might see you.

Who’s THEY? Are you kidding? Only the most powerful group in the entire writing world during the month of November.

Ugh, do I have to spell it out for you? Fine, I’m talking about the Sacred Order of NaNoWriMo.

Shhh! Do not repeat that name.


What? Yeah, sure, I hear you. “But NaNoWriMo is a great thing,” you say. “It gets people everywhere to give their stories to the world. It helps new writers get serious and finally produce that novel they’ve been dying to write.”

Does it? Does it really?


Let’s look at the facts.

Fact: NaNoWriMo demands that its participants complete a 50,000 word manuscript in one months time.

Fact: 50,000 words is a barely passable word count for YA novels. It’s not even in the ball park for adult fiction unless the book is absolutely brilliant. (Your’s is most likely not.)


Don’t you see? NaNoWriMo is a global conspiracy to flood the literary world with short, unsellable novels in an attempt to stifle competition. This ensures that their own efforts will stand out as superior and will garner all sales. THEY need you out of the way so THEY can maintain their domination over all things ink and paper. Even E Ink!

What? What’s that you say? “NaNoWriMo doesn’t state that 50,000 words is the limit. It’s actually just the minimum. You can make your book as long as you like. It’s also just a rough draft which is sure to grow and change.”

No, but THEY…What about… Fine don’t believe me.

Where’s my foil hat.


{Disclaimer: This is of course a work of fiction and I would never seriously imply that my statements are at all true. THEY absolutely did not threaten to erase all of my manuscripts and control my mind if I didn’t add this disclaimer. Nope, THEY never said that.}