Bullet Point Magic

Okay, just tried something on a whim and WOW!!! I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

“What did you do?” you ask with a small glimmer of interest shining through the fog of boredom.

Well, dear reader, I used bullet points. Don’t you see? Bullet points!


Sorry, let me back up.

I’ve been working on the synopsis of my novel The Coals, to include along with query letters. By working on the synopsis I really mean bruising my forehead against any object sturdy enough to take a pounding.

Then an experiment.

I decided to go through my story arc and bullet point the important parts. The intent was to use this as a skeleton. A way to simply get all the info out there. Instead, when I finished, I just took out the bullets, polished what I wrote, and Bob’s-your-uncle.

A synopsis was born.

Clear, concise, and fast.

It might not be for everyone and it might be common sense for others but damn did it work for me.