Entry 43.1.68 – 12/03/2013

I got stood up tonight. It’s our date night. It’s always our date night. Our god damn date night for Christ’s sake. For years it’s been our night and she forgot about me. No, not forgot. She purposely did something else. Reschedule? Reschedule? No. No! “The first Tuesday of every month”, she said. “Five o’clock sharp”, she said. “I can’t wait to see you Gerald”, she said. All fucking lies.
Why is it different now? Why? I count on this. I need this. I need her. I need our talks. Every time it’s the same. I need that consistency. Since Momma died, since becoming this version of me, Dr. Linda has been my rock.
Now she thinks she can just reschedule. Just push me aside for something more important. Like a scrap. Like waste. Like filth.
What could be more important than our time together? What!?!


Ugh. You awful brute Gerald. Look at your language today. Disgraceful. Thirty lashes this time and make them count. Make them count. But first I must go stop that pathetic noise in the basement. Why can’t she learn?

* * *

“Who’s in the basement?” asked Darren, holding his head in his hands.  “Who’s he got in the basement?” He was sweating and tearing up and his voice quaked as he spoke. The look on his face was the look someone makes before they are going to be sick. “What’s going on down there? What’s he doing to her?” (more…)

Entry 43.1.53 – 11/18/2013

Oh happy day Gerald!

When you arrived at the office today Carol was nowhere to be found. Isn’t that odd? She is usually so punctual. One of her only professional practices. Her office was totally empty. Gone were the plethora of gaudy trifles representing her shallow life. The bowling trophy, the framed picture of her rodent of a dog with that pink bow on its yappy little head. That dog had been such a bother. At least until it stopped yelping. Even the cheap Cesar’s Palace coin cup that held her pens was gone.

About an hour into the day HR Sandra gathered us all in a conference room to make an announcement. The usual death march was taken up by the office insects as they made their way toward what they suspected to be another mindless training workshop.

“Everyone, I have some sad news”, said HR Sandra. “After serving as our manager for three years Carol has decided to move on from her position. Effective immediately.” (more…)

Entry 43.1.51 – 11/16/2013

Gerald, You wont believe the perversions you saw today. It was horrible. It was grotesque. It was wrong. An abuse. A flagrant violation of the laws of our company, our society, and our decency.

This morning at around 10:15am you crossed the office from your desk toward the filthy office kitchenette for another mug of coffee. As usual you were feeding your gluttony and as usual you hugged the exterior wall around the office. The dated almond color of it makes you depressed. You know that route is slower but it keeps you from snaking through the gray cubicle maze filled with the conversation traps and question pitfalls you call coworkers.

In front of you, a sound leaked from the supply closet. A strange knocking sound coupled with toppling boxes of what must have been paper clips. At first you honestly thought we had rats. That pestilence had plagued you and Momma in our previous homes and it had always been your job to set the traps and deal with them afterward. Instinctively, you hurried to the dingy beige closet door and flung it open to investigate. To fix problems. (more…)