Entry 43.1.106 – 01/1o/2
Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it dam oh god no. NO!


From now on you will no longer be journaling. It’s over Gerald. Sloppy, messy, dirty.


You fool. How could you be such an IDIOT?


Despite your planning. Your careful precise planning everything is crumbling around you. It’s crumbling right now.

You can’t fix this. You can’t. You can’t.

The truck dump went as planned. The enclosures, The shackles, the table, mixing equipment, all gone. They were wiped clean of prints. They were sterilized. Just as before. You even remembered to remove serial numbers. Each item was placed in a different location along three different highways in four counties. That part of your plan remained precise Gerald. It worked perfectly. Be proud.

Proud? Shut up, shut up shut up! Why can’t the rest work perfectly? Why? Why couldn’t you see that coming? You’re so close. A stupid mistake a simple stupid mistake. IDIOT! STUPID IDIOT!


Entry 43.1.102 – 01/06/2014


It only took three days this time before the knock. You are getting messy, careless. Gerald, what are you thinking?

The police knocked twice on your door at approximately 7:24pm. You answered and of course badges were shown and the standard serious but courteous greetings were made. Their “posse” included two uniformed officers and two detectives, Seo, and Martin I believe. They, of course, had questions and you, of course, had answers.

It appears Gerald, that a charm bracelet belonging to Carol was found in the street in front of your home. They assured you that DNA had confirmed it. (more…)

Entry 43.1.74 – 12/09/2013


Heaven, I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak!

Oh Gerald how your day has been. How wonderful.

You finally got a chance to meet with your new manager. Sophia. She is a dream. An angel. She has been bringing each member of the staff into her office to introduce herself and listen to anything we feel we need to say. Today it was your turn and she is so genuine, honest and sweet. She’s very intelligent. You can tell. She seems so moral. So just. Don’t forget these qualities Gerald. You must always remember how happy you are to have her. Patience and diligence Gerald. Good things come to those who wait. Just like Momma said.

Would you believe on her second day she called Tom into her office and reprimanded him for his work ethic. Her second day! You now have someone to work for who has the same discipline and moral fiber that you have and you’ll work your fingers to the bone for your new leader. Yes you will. So refreshing. So refreshing. (more…)