Crisp New Pages – Episode 9

Entry 43.1.102 – 01/06/2014


It only took three days this time before the knock. You are getting messy, careless. Gerald, what are you thinking?

The police knocked twice on your door at approximately 7:24pm. You answered and of course badges were shown and the standard serious but courteous greetings were made. Their “posse” included two uniformed officers and two detectives, Seo, and Martin I believe. They, of course, had questions and you, of course, had answers.

It appears Gerald, that a charm bracelet belonging to Carol was found in the street in front of your home. They assured you that DNA had confirmed it.

What business did a god damned 42 year old woman have wearing a charm bracelet anyway? I ask you. Shit! Shit! Shit!

You of course you told them the truth. You would never lie to the police. You simply said, “On the day of her resignation I walked by her empty office and found the bracelet on the floor. I knew it was important to her so I collected it with the intent to give it to her. It was only after I brought it home that I realized I did not have her address and couldn’t return it. I thought about asking for the address back at the office but I knew no one would give it to me. Carol and I had struggled in our work relationship and it was well known to the rest of the staff. I assure you officers that despite our grievances, I had only noble intentions. In the end I decided that it was better to just discard the bracelet. It must have been picked from a garbage bag by crows.”

This was of course a completely plausible story and though they pressed you for more details on your working relationship with Carol, the officers took your word, scrawled it into their ridiculously tiny notebooks and left you in peace.

I think they know.


Entry 43.1.103 – 01/07/2014


Eyes. Eyes. God damn it Eyes!
Everywhere in the office. They look. They peer. It’s like they are searching my face for evidence, for confession. They won’t have it.
Eyes. The searing, prying eyes of Sandra. She doesn’t think you can see her watching from behind that gap in her open office door but I can you idiot. I can.
Eyes. Gossiping without words. The worst kind of gossip. Look at me. Look at each other. Look at me. Look back at one another.
Eyes Gerald. I can’t take these eyes.


Entry 43.1.104 – 01/08/2014

You can fix this. You can. You will. You can make it better. You can fix this.

You have a plan Gerald. You have a plan and You must start tonight. Your projects in the basement are not ready but that doesn’t matter. You have contingencies. You always have a contingency. You can fix this. They are done enough. It will work.

Momma always said you were creative. Momma always said that you were smart. Momma always said that you could solve her problems. You did solve her problems, Gerald. You solved them.


I can solve mine too Momma. I can solve mine too.


Timing. Yes. Timing. It will all be about timing. You need to draw a schematic first. You need to make lists. You cannot leave any stone unturned no t’s uncrossed.

You will take the day off tomorrow. Yes, with that time you will secure a proper dumping site, secure a rental truck for two days. It must be two days. You’ll purchase the proper pumping equipment, yes. The remainder of the day will be spent setting up. The pumping will be difficult. You will have to make the rental company prove to you that their generator is not too loud. They must run it on site or you cannot rent it. It is a necessity.

Should I use one-inch hose or two-inch hose? So many questions. So many questions. Gerald, you’ve got to get planning.


Entry 43.1.105 – 01/09/2014


It’s working Gerald. It’s working. By morning it will be done.