Crisp New Pages – Episode 7

Entry 43.1.68 – 12/03/2013

I got stood up tonight. It’s our date night. It’s always our date night. Our god damn date night for Christ’s sake. For years it’s been our night and she forgot about me. No, not forgot. She purposely did something else. Reschedule? Reschedule? No. No! “The first Tuesday of every month”, she said. “Five o’clock sharp”, she said. “I can’t wait to see you Gerald”, she said. All fucking lies.
Why is it different now? Why? I count on this. I need this. I need her. I need our talks. Every time it’s the same. I need that consistency. Since Momma died, since becoming this version of me, Dr. Linda has been my rock.
Now she thinks she can just reschedule. Just push me aside for something more important. Like a scrap. Like waste. Like filth.
What could be more important than our time together? What!?!


Ugh. You awful brute Gerald. Look at your language today. Disgraceful. Thirty lashes this time and make them count. Make them count. But first I must go stop that pathetic noise in the basement. Why can’t she learn?

* * *

“Who’s in the basement?” asked Darren, holding his head in his hands.  “Who’s he got in the basement?” He was sweating and tearing up and his voice quaked as he spoke. The look on his face was the look someone makes before they are going to be sick. “What’s going on down there? What’s he doing to her?”

“I don’t know man”, was all Kenny could say. He was too focused on Darren. He was confused as he looked at his friend. Something was different. This type of scared wasn’t like when they were at the river jumping off the rocks and Darren didn’t want to. This wasn’t like when he made Darren keep watch as he stole his confiscated toy back from the teacher’s desk. This was different. Before he could say anything more Darren cut back in.

“Okay, okay okay”, he said taking a deep breath. “We gotta keep reading. We gotta find out who’s down there, man. We gotta save her.”

Kenny couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had never seen his friend act so frightened or more brave. That scared him. He realized that his friend wasn’t being a wimp. He wasn’t scared because he was just being a stupid baby. He was scared because he should be scared. This was real and dangerous and they should be scared. This wasn’t fun. It wasn’t playtime anymore. That realization slowly sank into Kenny’s head as Darren took the notebook and turned to the next entry.

* * *

Entry 43.1.69 – 12/04/2013

You’ve had it Gerald. You really have. Between Carol, Dr. Linda and now Tom today. You just can’t take it right now. Something has to be done.

Tom. That bastard. Do you know what he was saying today? The way he was talking? The way he was strutting around the break room. No shame, no embarrassment, no shame, just none.

A mystery was solved today. We all got to find out the answers to our questions. We all knew there was something between Carol and Tom. It was no secret even before the supply closet. We all had the same question lingering in our heads. Even you. You’re ashamed and embarrassed to say that you thought it but you did. We all wanted to ask the same thing.

Tom? When you look the way you do, like some surf-gladiator, why are you intimate with Carol? She is so below you physically. She’s not in your league. Not even a little. Why Tom? Why?

Bill from the shipping office dared to ask it today. He dared.

There were five of us in the break room when he asked. Bill, Tom, you, Sharlene from sales, and Maya from accounting. Bill actually asked and we were all witness to the disgusting, derogatory, despicable answer he gave. Do you know what that lowlife said?

“Aw Bill, really, you’re going that ask me that? Hell, she was easy. A cheap lay. She was no spring chicken and no painting on a wall but she was eager and she wasn’t half bad”, the pervert said.

“She seemed pretty head of heels for you”said Maya. “How did she feel about it?”

“Oh, she was. She wanted me bad. That was the beauty of it. She did all the work.”

“Pig”, Maya said and walked out. Maya has morals. You’ve always respected Maya.

Yes, Maya has morals and she was right. You feel bad now for all the times you called Carol a sow. The pig was right there in front of you. It all fit though. It all fell into place as his disgusting mouth spit out each word. Lazy Tom was lazy in everything. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. He didn’t care that his awful work ethic almost got you fired. He didn’t care that he twisted Carol’s affection for his whims. Don’t kid yourself. Carol is getting exactly what she deserves but Tom…? Tom.

Tom needs to pay.

You know who else needs to pay. What other situation needs fixed. Dr. Linda. Still she hasn’t called you to reschedule.

With the time you should have spent with Dr. Linda you decided to do a little digging. Yes you did. You went into the clinic the other day to try and reschedule in person. You picked the receptionist’s brain a bit and found out that’s its another man who has Dr. Linda acting so god damn crazy. So insensitively. That was our time and she just threw it away for some asshole you’ve never met.

Why hadn’t she introduced us. Was she hiding him from you?

How dare she!

Well you found him Gerald. You found Dr. Linda’s little secret. Her distraction. No more hiding. No more distractions. No more.